Grand Forks County Commissioner, Seat 5

Employer / Organization

Grand Forks County

Next Election

Jun 14, 2022

Filing Window

Jan 01, 2022 - Apr 11, 2022


The Grand Forks County Commissioners superintend the fiscal affairs of the county, supervise the conduct of the respective county officers, and have the county Director of Finance and Tax prepare general purpose financial statements in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.

Application Guidelines
1) Go online to and click on the tab on the left labeled "Candidacy" and then select "County or Multi-County Office" in the menu that pops up under the Candidacy Tab. Locate the How to Run guide for the office in the middle of the page. The guide will list the required qualifications that might prevent you from running (residency within the district for a certain period of time is frequently a requirement). You may also call the Grand Forks County elections official at (701) 780-8201 for more information. 2) Obtain the Candidacy Forms from the website listed under the link to the How to Run guide or from the County Auditor's office. 3) The start day to begin circulating the Petition of Nomination is 164 days before the election and must be submitted to the County Auditor before 4 p.m. on the 64th day before the election. Prior to submitting your candidacy papers, you should arrange an appointment with the County Auditor to make sure that you have the correct amount of petition signatures or application fee (when applicable).