State Representative (CO-63)

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Nov 03, 2020

Filing Window

Jan 21, 2020 - Jul 09, 2020


Made up of 65 members, the Colorado House of Representatives is the lower house of the Colorado General Assembly. Each member represents a district of about 77,372 residents, serving 2 year terms that are limited to 4 consecutive terms in office. The Speaker of the Colorado House is the preciding officer of the upper house. A Join Budget Committee with members from both the Senate and House prepares and introduces the yearly budget bill to the General Assembly after the governor submits to them a proposed budget. Currently, there are 10 House Committees of Reference that range from argiculture to transporation. Primary responsibilities of a Representative include: enacting laws, overseeing programs enacted by the executive branch, holding hearings on policies, allocating funds to pay for the daily workings of the state, and redistricting in collaboration with other Representatives and the Senate. The yearly salary for Colorado State Senators is $30,000.

Application Guidelines
1) Contact the State of Colorado Secretary of State Elections Division office to confirm that your registered address qualifies you for the position you intend to run for, and that you meet other office specific qualifications. 2) Obtain and complete the required filing papers and submit the required filing papers to the Colorado Secretary of State Elections Division office. If you plan to run as an unaffiliated candidate, these filing papers include campaign finance forms and a petition format you must request from the Colorado Secretary of State Elections Division. If you plan to run as a major party candidate please contact your party headquarters. Major party candidates can gain ballot access to the primary held the last Tuesday in June either through party assemblies or by a primary petition that must be submitted to the Colorado Secretary of State Elections Division no later than 85 days before they primary election. Minor party candidates have different filing requirements and are encouraged to consult with the Colorado Secretary of State Elections Division. 3) If running as an unaffiliated candidate, circulate the petitions between 173 and 117 days before the general election held in November to appear on the ballot. Petition signature requirements vary by office. If you have any questions please contact the Colorado Secretary of State Elections Division by phone at 303-895-2000. For more information see the Colorado Secretary of State website: And the 2016 Colorado Election Calendar:

Submit application to:
Colorado Secretary of State: Elections, 1700 Broadway #200, Denver, CO, 80290, US