Santa Clara County District Attorney

Employer / Organization

Santa Clara County

Next Election

Jun 07, 2022

Filing Window

Feb 14, 2022 - Mar 11, 2022


The district attorney presides over the largest prosecuting agency in Northern California, overseeing more than 50 divisions ranging from the AIDS Litigation to Real Estate Fraud. The primary responsibility of this position is the prosecution of felony and misdemeanor crimes within the county. This process is executed through the conduction of grand jury investigations, criminal investigations, plea bargain negotiations, and appeals litigation. The district attorney serves a four-year term with no limit on the number of terms served. The salary of this position starts at an estimated $92,138 and after five years can exceed $160,000.

Application Guidelines
To file for this position follow these three simple steps: 1) Contact the Santa Clara County Registrar of Voters to verify that your address qualifies for the position. 2) Obtain the correct filing papers from the county elections office. It is understood that first time or beginning candidates may need someone to review the paperwork with them, so it is useful to stop by the office in person during normal business hours, or arrange a time that you can speak with someone while picking up the filing papers. 3) Submit the filing papers within 113-88 days prior to the election. You will then to appear on the ballot for the June Top Two Primary. The two candidates who receive the most votes will advance to the general election in November. If you have any questions regarding running for this position contact the Santa Clara County Registrar of Voters office at (408) 299-8683

Submit application to:
Santa Clara County Registrar of Voters Office, 1555 Berger Street, San Jose, California , 95112, US